Here at Apex Truss, we like to make sure that you have all the information you need. We have gathered some helpful downloads and links for you, please find them below.


The Roof and Floor Truss Manual
How to Read Roof Drawings
Standard Heel Heights and Pitch Angles
How to Measure Existing Trusses-Cantilevered Overhang
How to Measure Exisiting Trusses-Top Chord Overhang

Helpful Websites

Engineer’s Ultimate Resource Tool –
Maximum Span Calculator –
Mitek US Home Page –
Mitek – Load Agricutural Trusses –
Mitek – Login to Support Services –
Stair Calculator –
Steel Beam information –
Structural & Building Components –
Truss Engineering Design, Fabrication, & Useage Forum –
Truss Plate Institute –
Virginia Register of Regulations –
Wood Truss Council of America: Loads & Trusses –
WTCA – Representing the Structural Building Components Industry –

photo of a 3d rendered house