Apex Truss has designed and manufactured roof and floor trusses since 2000 and is equipped with the latest design technology and software from Mitek. We design and manufacture roof and floor trusses from very simple designs for affordable housing through to highly creative and complex designs for prestigious and luxury developments. We offer a wide variety of truss designs – click here to view some of the options.

Our team works closely with architects, building designers and contractors to provide part or complete roof truss systems from wallplates upwards. To date Apex Truss has a wealth of experience in developing roof truss systems for housing developments with a variety of regional house builders, churches and government buildings to mention but a few.

From the outset, Apex Truss will conduct feasibility studies for all roof truss projects and advise the most suitable methods to meet the project specification in regard to technical, structural integrity and aesthetic requirements. This ensures that customers benefit from receiving ‘fit for the purpose’ cost-effective solutions regardless of the complexities of the project.

Through utilizing the latest CAD technology we can offer customers a virtual ‘walk through’ of projects. This is extremely useful where attention needs to be paid to potential problem areas or where specific methods need to be adopted within complex projects. Apex Truss also provide on-site ‘best-practice’ guidance for installation of roof trusses along with technical support throughout the life of all projects.

The project starts with consulting with your builder or architect, defining the specifications, submitting the order to Apex Truss who will review the design with you, making any revisions with your approval until the final design is approved. At that point the job is submitted to production, the cutting order is released and the seals are ordered, and the order is processed through the shop, checked, packaged and shipped out by truck. For detailed order process description click here




To get your order started, please call us at 804-313-2295 or use our estimate form and enter as much as you know about the job – our most appropriate salesman for this project will be contacting you promptly. Click here to send to Apex Truss your preliminary order or inquiry details.