sapphire-house1The leader for all your prefabricated roof truss and floor truss product needs.

Located on the Northern Neck of Virginia, we are recognized in the industry as one of the more enterprising roof truss companies in the mid-Atlantic region. In our market area, we cover Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. as well as other surrounding states.

From designs using the latest technology software to the manufacturing and installation of our finished product, blueprint to building, our team of expert consultants will assist you throughout every step of the process. We are proud of our reputation “We truss buildings that no one else wants to truss”. Our team has the flexibility and capability to design trusses for many building plans specifying stick framed roofs.

Our engineer and technicians will work with you to meet all your needs. Our team will evaluate each and every one of your projects. Whether it is a residential, agricultural or commercial project we apply all the applicable building norms and meet the most demanding schedules because we know your time is valuable.

As many others who trust us, you will benefit from a highly professional service and the highest level of quality assurance.

Our goal is to become a partner in your project because at Apex Truss, we build with you, and we “Do What’s Right” for you!

Our Work

This home boasts an interior done ceiling, the apex of which is 24ft above the first floor. Barrel vaults, 1st and 2nd floor transitional ceilings abound in this Spotsylvania County home.
This home incorporated attic frames (a room within the truss) and stick framing to maximize the family living space. Carolina style light storage trusses over the garage make a great place for holiday decorations and valuable belongings.

With grand fascias, this will become a Credit Union, one of the many buildings in a commercial project, Dominion Village. It may even be in your neighborhood.